Foxtale Productions



Our philosophy for our wedding work is the same when creating an advertising campaign. It requires that we establish a relationship so that we can produce work that captures who you are and communicate it in a way that is original and entertaining. Foxtale understands that we are being trusted to document one of the most important days in your life, this is why you can trust that your wedding videos will be indistinguishable from any other.


There is concern that every industry faces when choosing a production company that will create promotional material for their brand; “Are we going to be purchasing work that really captures who we are?” Foxtale Productions’ team ensures that we create work that reaches the highest technical standards of the current market, but even with this standard, it is very easy for your campaign to fade in with the millions of videos from your competitors. The key to a great promotional campaign is clarity between you and the people you trust to create your video. Foxtale takes the time to understand who you are and what your audience needs to hear about you. The process can be a challenging one but will result in a product that you can depend on for years to come.


The greatest video campaigns are the ones that have a strong sense of purpose, this is why the work we do for nonprofits is guaranteed to be rewarding for ourselves as well as your organization. We thrive on creating work for people that come to the table with immense passion for what they offer to the community. If you are ready to tell us about your nonprofit then we are ready to create a campaign that will tell the rest of the world about you.