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Having a Habit of Dreaming, Creative

Having A Habit of Dreaming, 2016

From the director: We give ourselves strict guidelines when we begin development on short films. For us, we are forced to consider every decision that is being made which, hopefully, results in a satisfying script. The guidelines began as “make a film that feels fun.” When we begin production, we broaden the guidelines as we start prepping the set and again when we reach post, by then the guidelines become so wide that it feels like we can go anywhere with what we have shot. In development, the hook for us was a girl that switches between a dream that always takes place in the same room and her actual life, and she eventually enjoys the dream so much that she forces herself to sleep as much as possible. We will be tightening the guidelines throughout the entire process for the next film because, while the film ended up strong, the final product doesn't reflect what we hoped to achieve in the beginning.

From the Production