Foxtale Productions

Behind Foxtale Productions

Foxtale Productions was conceived in 2009 by Nathan Velasquez and Palmer Lovett as a platform to create audacious short films. Foxtale Productions has since evolved to offer a variety of services for weddings, businesses, and individuals seeking professional promotion.

At Foxtale, we pride ourselves on the old fashion ideal of treating each project and every shot with a high level of craftsmanship resulting in highly professional work.

The average mentality of many contemporary production companies results in material that, while visually arresting, is almost instantly forgettable. Foxtale is committed to taking the time needed in pre-production to keep original ideas from losing their poignancy by the time they reach the client’s audience.

After every shoot and finished project, we find ourselves elated to work in the field of videography. At Foxtale, we find fulfillment in working and molding our material until the end product is nothing less than the best.

Nathan E. Velasquez

Videographer, President

Since a young age, Nathan has indulged in the film industry any way he could. From watching 13 movies a week, to constantly filming and editing his own, he is a perfect example of learning from himself through experience and the best filmmakers from their movies. Nathan is Foxtale’s primary videographer and has a knack for business that has propelled Foxtale from its small, creative beginning into the company it is today.

Palmer J. Lovett

Information Technology, Partner

Always interested in film, Palmer recently decided to persue the field as a career choice. Starting first in the field of website design and photography, he found that videography was simply more fun than development. Palmer primarily manages Foxtale’s IT structure and assists on film shoots while documenting Foxtale’s work with photography.